Big Data Solution

Big Data Analytics

Infometry is helping customers in a variety of industries plan, architect and solve big data analytics problems.

Infometry partners with your CTOs, Engineering and IT leadership team to understand their business and technical problems related to Big Data Analytics to come up a solution proposal using Hadoop/MapReduce technologies, ROI model to demonstrate significant savings over next 5 – 6 years. Infometry will provide an architectural roadmap to transition from current state of architecture to desired state of computing platform to support multi-terabytes/Petabytes of unstructured data analysis. Leveraging vast experience in Data Warehousing technologies.

Infometry has come up with a strategy to leverage Hadoop/MapReduce technology efficiently to improve the ability of handling large volume of data on a daily basis in a traditional DW environment and also reduce the cost related to high-end database servers for staging environments.

Infometry team specializes in architecting, sizing, implementing large (100+ nodes) Hadoop clusters and also help in sustenance of the systems. Designed and implemented complex Security rules for Hive as well as Hadoop system