Big Data Solution

Big Data Platform

Infometry provides Big Data Platform services leveraging cloud based solutions like Amazon, Microsoft Azure or help customers to build their own private clouds. Infometry Big Data Architects help customers in architecting Big Data Infrastructure for Platform As a Service (PAAS), Software As a Service (SaaS) and Corporate Customers.

Infometry Big Data Infrastructure services includes

  • Conceptualization of customer’s Big Data problems and help them to build a business case
  • Evaluate and recommend ways to leverage Big Data Infrastructure in Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to significantly reduce Infrastructure cost
  • Defining the ROI to IT as well as Business Units leveraging Big Data Infrastructure
  • Defining the Big Data Distribution, tools and technologies needed
  • Defining the security aspects of the Big Data Platform
  • Defining the Big Data Infrastructure leveraging commercial clouds or Onprem servers
  • Configuring the Server Clusters for Streaming as well as batch mode operations
  • Design Data Injections across multiple source systems, data types and data frequency
  • Leverage commercial ETL tools or open source tool set to setup scalable data injection framework
  • Design real-time streaming analytics framework
  • DevOps – Automating the Big Data environment deployment for internal teams as well as Platform As a Service (PAAS)
  • Provide starter kits for Predictive Analytics using SPARC, R and Java routines
  • Deployment using dockers
  • 24 x 7 support and monitoring