BI and Visualization

Business Intelligence (BI)

Infometry delivers customized business intelligence (BI) solutions based on your specific requirements in terms of data volumes, user experience expectations, ease of use, mobile support, ad-hoc analysis and dashboards. We conduct detailed analysis of your requirements for operational, analytical and predictive analytics so that we can recommend the best approach, tools and technologies for your organization. Depending on your needs, we use state-of-the art BI products as well as open source products

Scope of Services

  • Architect all aspects of BI platforms, including sizing, infrastructure, setup, configuration, security, scalability, and load balance
  • Collect business requirements and generate KPI definitions, hierarchies, and metadata
  • Assess data quality, develop data quality dashboards and recommend data quality implementations
  • Develop sample reports and dashboards for presentation to decision makers
  • Develop and deploy report and dashboard frameworks with relevant security
  • Develop processes and guidelines for business user self-service
  • Integrate third-party BI solutions
  • Develop reports and metadata layer for mass distribution
  • Scheduling and reports bursting
  • End user training