Enterprise Data Management

Data Quality & Enrichment

In many companies, a lack of management awareness and support for data quality continues to be a problem. Once again, there is no “silver bullet” solution that can turn your dirty data into good quality data. While there are data cleansing tools that can help, it still takes the knowledge of a business person to define the intended meaning and the intended content of each data element. These have to be documented as business rules before they can be fed to any data cleaning tool or business rules engine.

Infometry provides real-time data quality integration solution leveraging state of the art tools with match & fuzzy logic to

  • Address cleansing
  • Hierarchy management using D&B & other third party data
  • Auto fill for name, address, vendor, product & other master data elements
  • Match and Merge
  • Web Services for cloud based application integration
  • Data enrichment with GEO Codes