Solar and Energy Solutions

Leveraging our in-depth understanding of the renewable energy industry, Infometry has delivered end-to-end data warehouse and analytics solutions for many large solar and energy customers.



Smart Meter Analytics
With Smart Meter Analytics, you can make crucial decisions faster while having in-depth customer analysis, meter data management, advanced segmentation based on energy consumption patterns, and energy efficiency benchmarking. Expected generation values for an Asset are compared against Actual Generation values to analyze performance of a facility.
It also helps to deliver

  • Targeted demand-side management programs to increase adoption rate
  • Reduce direct energy costs via more accurate load forecasts
  • Increase revenue by up-selling new energy services
  • Identying and notifying the support crew on non-performing or defective smart meters


EPC & Asset Analytics
These set of analytics help to reduce the PTO cycle time. The solution helps to find every milestone from the contract signed to installer completes the installation. The cycle time analysis measures construction performance based on milestone proofs for the system. It helps to showcase the trend of generation distribution by equipment manufacturer among forecast assets, recent operating assets, construction assets and all operating assets.


Proposal Analytics
Turn massive volumes of proposal data into powerful insights and actions. The solution helps to predict to find the right proposal for the customers.


Customer 360
Customer 360 measures the effectiveness of customer acquisition campaigns, proposals, and sales efforts.


Partner Performance Analytics
The solution provides a 360-degree view of partner information. The Platform helps to identify the sales volume and resolve partner bottleneck. The solution helps to identify Production variance by Partner, Construction cycle time, Backlog by partner, cancellation rate by partner, how the partners are performing across region, Top partner analysis, how many assets are closed & Total revenue generated by each partner


Customer Acquisition
Customer Acquisition analytics provides in-depth insights in terms of marketing campaign effectiveness, ideal customer recognization from the pool of leads, cost of acquiring customers and prediction on churn of the existing users. Infometry solution analyzes marketing campaings, leads, customer satisfaction survey, install base data, proposals and apply predictive analytics models provide valuable insights.
Scope of Services

  • Analyze sales pipelines, forecasts, PTO cycles times, power generation, meter data management, project finance, and profitability
  • Conduct customer surveys
  • Measure the effectiveness of customer acquisition campaigns, proposals, and sales efforts
  • Create metrics for EPC (engineering procurement and construction) and asset management
  • Comparison with
  • Expected generation, variance
  • Develop sample dashboards as well as billing and finance reports