Life Sciences

Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Solutions

Infometry delivers end-to-end data warehouse and analytics solutions for life sciences and pharmaceutical customers. We have an in-depth understanding of drug manufacturing, clinical trials, grants management, marketing, case management and payer intelligence.

We design, transform, and run life science processes through a practical use of advanced operating models, harnessing effectively technology and analytics by focusing efforts to where they can deliver the most impact.

Infometry provides solid expertise in building Integrated system (Sales, Payer Benefits, Pipeline Intelligence by Disease, Product, Geography, Practice) to provide consistent, and accurate view of the marketplace and position of the organization.

Infometry’s solutions provides visibility into cross-biotech firms & Partner interactions with Prescribers, Payers, Agencies and Accounts, while decreasing compliance risk of privacy and spend regulations



Managed Care Analytics

  • Provide key information including health plans, provider, payer and reimbursement data to increase transparency into the cost, quality, and service of health care delivery
  • Develop measurement tools to define and monitor the quality of care, measure health outcomes, and develop better evidence and guidance on the appropriate use of medical services


Contract Management Analytics

  • Manage, negotiate, and administer contractual agreements with customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Formulate and execute strategy for contracts with payers, government entities, channel partners, distributors, and specialty pharmacies


Reimbursement and Case Management

  • Manage the reimbursement case lifecycle, from enrolling patients, to conducting benefits investigations, assisting with appeals, and providing access to care.


Master Data Management

  • Develop and deploy an authoritative single source of customer records (including healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, payer, and plan products) to ensure that departments and divisions have accurate data
  • Lay the foundation for future analysis of metrics such as marketing effectiveness, sales performance, and product by plan.


Learning Management
Provides efficient, centralized access to educational content and records that are easy to use and available at the time of need. Also provides centralized solution that provides tracking of training programs, distribution of training materials, training communication, and reporting.


Aggregate Spend

  • Aggregate and monitor the total amount spent by healthcare manufacturers on individual healthcare professionals and organizations through payments, gifts, honoraria, travel and other means in order to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Enables Companies to meet data integration and reporting needs related to regulatory compliance requirements.


Grants Management

  • Improve decision making and operational efficiency within the independent medical education department (IMED)
  • Ensure IMED’s ability to meet compliance requirements, including financial reconciliation of grants


Payer Intelligence

  • Integrate information and enable analysis on payers, including policies and competitive products.
  • Support goals for reimbursement service and patient access.


Marketing Resource Management

  • Provide easy, centralized access to integrated data about our marketing campaigns, tactics and budget spends to strengthen collaboration across functions and brands and tactical management by brand, function, and customer.


Managed Care Contracts
Handles contract strategy, formulation, execution, and compliance for contracts with payers, government entities, channel partners, distributors, and specialty pharmacies. Will create robust and scalable contract management and administration solutions.


Case Management
Focuses on effective management of reimbursement case life cycle (i.e. enrolling patients, conducting benefits investigations, assisting with appeals, and providing access to care).