Enterprise Data Management

Meta Data Management

Meta data is one of the vehicles for achieving data standardization and integration. Meta data is contextual information about IT assets, such as data, processes, programs, and so on. Meta data components for data assets includes business definitions, domains (valid values), data formats (type and length), business rules for creating the data, transformation and aggregation rules, security requirements, ownership, sources (operational files and databases), timeliness, and applicability, just to name a few. Not many companies capture all of these meta data components, and those that do, don’t make effective use of it. Meta data is no longer the dirty “D” word: documentation. It is now the nice “N” word: navigation. Documentation is often considered to be an IT overhead; after all, programmers can read the code, which is usually more reliable than any documentation anyway. But navigation cannot be dismissed so easily because it is an essential tool for business people to navigate through their BI/DW environment.

Infometry has been helping customers in delivering Mea Data Management solution using on-prem as well as cloud based technology solution.