Enterprise Data Management

Data Strategy and Architecture

Infometry helps customers in designing the Enterprise Data Strategy and Architecture. Data collected across multiple business process across multiple applications such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, Partner management, Asset Management, Talent Management, Vendor Management, Engineering Project trackers, Application logs..etc are treated as “Assets” for the organization provided the data is complete, concise and correct. Considering the volume of data collected is growing exponentially along with the need for deep-dive analytics, it is very critical for organizations to Understand, Organize, Cleanse, Optimally store, Archive and Assemble the data.

Infometry helps customers with

  • Discovery and assessment of existing data architecture, data collection points, history requirements and security aspects
  • Analysis of short-tem and long-term Business Intelligence, Analytics and data retention policies from external entities such SEC, Government
  • Propose a scalable Data Architecture considering all aspects of data usage, storage, cost and frequency
  • Propose both On-premise and Cloud based architecture
  • Propose database architecture including relational, in-memory, NoSQL and advanced techniques
  • Develop a roadmap to implement the recommendations and corresponding ROI calculations
  • Implement the Data Architecture