Finance Solutions

Infometry services help customers design, transform, and run advanced operating models to combat volatility, control costs, manage risk and enable growth.


Infometry’s Banking Services combines process excellence with analytics and IT solutions to help reduce costs and enhance business efficiency. Based on a “near shore model,” our Banking solutions include the following:


Retail Banking
From origination to customer service to collections, our retail banking services drive operating efficiency and increase business process effectiveness, thanks to our business process and domain expertise in card services, payments, lending, and deposits.


Commercial Banking
Our commercial banking solutions combine a partnership approach with the power of smarter processes, advanced analytics, and targeted technology to manage major assets annually. Through industry-specific solutions, we help our clients achieve increased revenue, better margins, lower delinquency levels, reduced cost of servicing, and improved deal conversions.


Risk Services
Infometry leverages standardized data, relevant metrics, and extrapolative risk models to provide deeper insight and more complete counsel.


Analytics services
Infometry provides business insights across the customer lifecycle through market assessment, competitor mapping, risk/operational analytics, and portfolio monitoring to improve business effectiveness and enable smart decisions.


Finance and Accounting
Infometry is a market leader in Finance and Accounting (F&A) business process transformation, with over 20 years of extensive experience. Our comprehensive services encompass the entire end-to-end F&A process with comprehensive governance metrics.